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Boy Band Archives: soulDecision's Blurred Lines

I love boy bands.  Every girl (and plenty of boys) has fallen under the spell of at least one team of shirtless, posing, harmonizing hunks.  But for every NSYNC or NKOTB, there’s a thousand 5ives and soulDecisions.  Why did 98 Degrees succeed where Another Level failed?  We may have ignored them a decade ago, but […]

Unpopular Opinion: Ke$ha

I’ve come to realize that I don’t hate Ke$ha. More than that, I kind of love Ke$ha. When TiK ToK came out four years ago, I thought she was a Katy Perry rip off.  She did the weird, ugly singing, the auto-tune was out of control, and her garbage-monster party-girl thing reeked of desperation. But my […]

Christian Rock

Happy Easter! Andy and I were checking out a Christian Pop/Rock playlist on Rdio. The first song on the playlist was “Be My Escape” by Relient K, a song I actually really liked in college. It was popular on MTV and hit number 48 on the pop charts. I knew that they were a Christian […]