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Snow Day

We’re getting snowed in.

As a kid, like every kid in the world, I loved snow days. Well, not all of it. I didn’t like that bulky snow suit, even if it did keep my legs warm and dry. I didn’t like all the extra work we had to do in school to make up the lost day(s). Watching daytime TV was always strange. Nick Jr sucked, MTV played marathons of The Real World and soap operas were totally boring.

But I loved sledding down the hill in the back yard, having Mom’s waffles for breakfast, trying to build snowmen until it got too cold and we gave up. Sometimes, if the weather wasn’t too bad, we’d go to Florence and sled down that big hill. McMillan’s was even bigger, but further away. As a fat girl, climbing up the hill was a chore, but worth it for the ride down. Even when the sled flipped over.

Adult snow days aren’t quite as exciting. I think it’s been at least 15-years since I’ve gone sledding. But, if it takes 9-inches of snow to get a few extra days with Andy and Duke, I suppose I’ll take it. It’s only four more weeks until spring, right?

Happy Snow Day!