Unpopular Opinion: Ke$ha

I’ve come to realize that I don’t hate Ke$ha. More than that, I kind of love Ke$ha.

When TiK ToK came out four years ago, I thought she was a Katy Perry rip off.  She did the weird, ugly singing, the auto-tune was out of control, and her garbage-monster party-girl thing reeked of desperation.

But my opinion changed when I heard she co-wrote one of Britney Spears’s best songs, Til the World Ends. Seriously, that song is amazing and should have been a bigger hit. It seemed like maybe Ke$ha wasn’t just a creation after all? Maybe there was some talent beneath week old glitter.

When Die Young was released last fall, I had come full circle on Ke$ha. That song has a great hook and she actually sings it well.  I found myself looking forward to her full album release.  And that album, Warrior, is great!  If you like dance music.  And I do

Yes, she still tries too hard to be outrageous, but her attitude reminds me a lot of the old hair metal bands of the 80s.  Everything is sex and partying and drinking and having nothing but a good time.  Did anyone call Tommy Lee or Bret Michaels a cum dumpster?

That gets into a larger issue that I have too many feelings on to even think clearly about. But for now, it’s time to brush my teeth. Where did I put the Jack?